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F-18.Exhaust muffler

CB750 K0 MUFFLER COMP SET, NO NUMBER EXHAUST / 8714.10 (F-18.Exhaust muffler)
Yamiya Number: M066S
Shipping Weight: 36000g
Manufactured by: YAMIYA

¥214,500 (incl VAT)
¥195,000 (excl VAT)
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※Reservations not accepted.

Faithfully scrupulous, and we created and reproduced the metallic mold from scratch. Perfect shapes, fittings, finish, and the great CB750Four exhaust sound!
The pattern, structure, and material are the same as the original Honda pipes.
It is possible to change the oil and filter as it is installed.


The No-Number (unmarked) exhaust is originally for 1969 CB750K0 early model.
The sound of No-Number (unmarked) exhaust is a little louder than HM300 or HM341 exhaust.

This exhaust pipe fits 1970-1976 CB750K series motorcycle as well.

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The cost may vary depending on
your shipping address, fuel surcharge and so on.
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Image of installing

*Muffler protectors are not included*

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