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F-18.Exhaust muffler


(F-18.Exhaust muffler)
Yamiya Number: M011
Shipping Weight: 6900g
Manufactured by: AFTERMARKET

Starting at: ¥48,000  ¥39,000
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HAND MADE IN JAPAN. Fits 1969-1976 CB750K0-K6 model.

The inner of diffuser pipe at the upper photograph is 70Φ-M.

The inner of diffuser pipe at the upper photograph is 70Φ-L.

With a Diffuser Pipe and six Bolts(6mm hexagon wrench is required).
Created and reproduced from the orginal Yoshimura.
The bent in this item was created by hand.

This is self supporting from the connection to the engine head exhaust port up front(no bracket required). Please remove a main stand to install this exhaust.
You can still access the oil filter and sump plug with the exhaust still on.

※You can choose 70Φ-M (medium baffle) or 70Φ-L (large bullde: 40,000JPY).

The diameter of inner Reference volume
70Φ-M Φ29.5 98db
70Φ-L Φ40.5 100db or more

You can purchase Yoshimura type diffuser separately 5,250JPY.
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For racing purpose only and not for highway use

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